Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OUTFIT :: Pour La Victoire . Irina Platform

A little tidbit about me { the Misses } is that I like to peruse Polyvore, especially when I need help creating an outfit or inspiration for a specific item.  So, I thought it was high time that I begin to build my own "sets" to not only share with you but catalog for myself. 

As you already know, I had a weak moment last Friday.  As much as I love my new red pumps it has been really hard for me to visualize an outfit for them. So off to Polyvore I went and below are two outfits I came up with.

If you know me then you know I live in my J Brand jeans, like really, every day. I already have a black shall collar blazer and now my new red pumps so I am feeling good about what I pulled together below.  The only things that I might will need to break down and buy are those two tops that I am now totally obsessed with.  I really did try to concoct an outfit using only items I had in my closet, really, I did try.

Now remember when I said that my new Irina Pumps were so comfortable I would even be willing to wear them to walk around in?  I wasn't kidding.  They are!  This outfit would be great for running around in during the day...say maybe this spring { um, as in starting two days ago! } or this coming fall.  So perfect actually that the tee top may or may not be on its way to me now.

I have been loving navy and black together recently { the rule I referred to breaking yesterday }.  I remember watching my mother get dressed for work when I was younger.  She would explain to me that she needed navy shoes to go with her blue suit because black and blue just do not go together.  And after all these years, only now am I starting to rethink that silly rule of hers.  I think this set would be perfect for a fall dinner out, don't you?

Red Irina Platform Pumps . Pour La Victoire . II

I definitely need some accessories, don't you think?  Probably the hardest part of an outfit for me.  Any suggestions you have to offer are welcomed, so lay 'em on me please!

Now this outfit I wore this weekend when I went to UFC with my Mister.  Do any of you know what that is?  I didn't until this weekend { happy googling to you }. Anyway, I needed to fit in with that crowd yet still feel like myself.  One of my hottest, cutest and best dressed friends suggested an all black outfit to really make my red shoes pop.  I kept the jewelry to a minimum so that I could have the ultimate accessory: red lips { also at the suggestion of Miss Hotness }.  I'll admit, I felt hot, but I also felt like I was wearing a Halloween costume where I was the only one dressed up.  On the upside { for my Mister }, all of these items were already in my closet { including this one!!! }. That may be a first, but it's a start!

In re-reading this post I am a little bit underwhelmed embarrassed that these are the lame outfits that I came up with for my new Dorthy shoes. Clearly I am no good with colored heels { hence the help elicited on that last ensemble }.  If you have any ideas/suggestions/guidance for outfits with red heels please donate to the cause. Thanks in advance.

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  1. i am no help for this. first, because i think you need the CA is for lovers top. you need to represent while in nyc. second, because i love you. i don't think i feel the red heels with the all black. it is too grease (think tight outfit, red shoes, red lips) for me. sorry.