Friday, March 4, 2011


I had my eye on this amazing little spring/fall { for those of us unfortunately on the East Coast, but fall/winter/cool-year-round-nights lucky enough to be on the west coast } number ever since I spotted a picture of one of the Olsen twins { don't judge, I love them } wearing it. I think it was MK if I remember correctly. Trying to be the responsible Misses to my Mister that I am I stocked it and then watched in horror as it became sold out after going on sale. To my surprise { and literally what I took to be a sign form the Gods } it came back...on my size { also a sign: there was only one left in my size }. I threw caution to the wind and ordered it with one swift click of a button { that's a dangerous little feature }. In my defense { my Mister } I am ALWAYS cold and have already worn it { and loved it } a ton + I got free shipping!

Funny, my timing lined up just perfectly with the trip my Mister and I took to Los Angeles last week where I needed a jacket but not a down parka that even the fur lined attempt-at-cute hood can't save from frumpville . It was, in a word, perfection.

Purchased at Shopbop 


  1. that model looks like she just queefed...and she's proud of it.

  2. Funny, this little number looks veeeeeeeeeeery similar to the leather jacket you purchased here in Seattle a couple years ago. Well okay, it doesn't LOOK very similar (differnt collar situation) but fits the same style/funciton category, no?