Monday, March 21, 2011


This is the gift that I regret not giving.  My Mister is obsessed with brown and black together.  I think he thinks that by featuring both colors it will "go with everything" { Yes, that was a direct quote and no I am not going to state the obvious.  I know, you all know, that I know that is not true. } And yes this bag may technically be considered an "espresso" color but it is so dark it gives off the same effect.  Which is why when I finally got it together to purchase it for my Mister, it was of course, sold out...everywhere.  Just my luck.  Lesson learned though.  My Mister is so hard to buy for so when I see something, I just need to get it on the spot.

Robbie G Leather Messenger Bag . Marc by Marc Jacobs
Available at Saks
And if this color combination didn't completely blow your mind, just wait until you see what other color pairing rules I am breaking tomorrow! And yes, I am being sarcastic.


  1. That IS great! I hate it when I miss out on something good.. the guilt eats me alive, I tell ya.


  2. your mister did need this. just keep your eye open ALWAYS! you do know better now, i believe.