Wednesday, March 23, 2011

KC Satchel . 3.1 Phillip Lim

My can blame Misses L for this one.

One of my closest girlfriends, Misses L, sent me this blog post with this { below } AHHHmazing hand bag.  Not only am I now obsessed with it but the green color is so her color.  It is another sign.  Another sign that this bag was meant to be hers!

And here is another sign that this bag { below } was meant to be mine too!  I have been wanting a blue handbag but when it comes time to invest in one I always get black or brown.  I tend to play it safe when I am throwing down such a large chunk of change.  But hey, I think it is time that I branch out a bit.  Plus I am always in jeans so this blue color will play as a neutral, just like my denim does, right? is not too terribly bad.  I mean, yes it is expensive, but I do have a soulmeighbor who has a collection { yes, a collection } of Birkin beauties.  So if I just reference that in the same sentence, comparatively speaking, I am totally reasonable here.

 Image Source

Note: Misses L and I discussed that the only way to carry this bag is with it all unzipped { like in the green image }.  Zipped up it is a totally different bag.  Which is helpful to my cause actually.  It's way more conservative that way.  And { ! } it even comes with a strap to wear over your shoulder or across your body.  So basically, its three bags in one which makes it a very reasonable $283 a piece.  Yes!


  1. too bad that this green has only been seen on the new fashion director of Barney's. Don't really think that it is available for anyone else. which means there is nude, blue, black, or army green... maybe army green? thoughts?
    you can see it here at nordstrom:

  2. this nude one is also pretty amazing:{keyword}