Monday, March 7, 2011

Zaza Stripe Bandeau Bikini Top with Ruffles . Marc by Marc Jacobs

Can you tell I have the sunny beach weather on my mind or what?

See I am trying to teach my Mister that bathing suits are like outfits. I don't wear the same t-shirt every day { and neither does he for that matter } so why is it so hard to understand that I want need a suit for every day of our trip?

And again with the modesty issue. The convenient ruffles cover up any cold nip awkwardness with the colleague and his wife and their close friends. A lot of potential awkwardness to be had people. This has been inducted into the necessity category.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Zaza Stripe Bandeau Bikini Top with Ruffles
Available at Shopbop

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