Friday, March 11, 2011


While visiting Los Angeles last month I also visited my mecca. Ever since moving to NYC I have been deprived. My Mister and I checked out the new Nordstrom on the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica and picked myself up a little amazing souvenir. My Mister will claim temporary insanity but to my utter shock and incredible justification skills { sometimes I even surprise myself } he didn't totally put the kibosh on my purchase.

Could have been his vacation brain or the fact that I was reminiscing about out h-moon in Italy { where all the ladies wore wedges at night so their heels didn't get caught in the cobble stone streets }. Either way, I am totally talented
wearing these right now in my uncomfortably un-modest bikini and when we go back to Italy { some day }.

Palermo Sandal . Jimmy Choo
Purchased at Nordstrom
P.S. I went up a half size in these and I also had several of the straps taken in by a cobbler { I have narrow feet which makes it hard to wear strappy shoes and worse, is a visual mind f***. My feet appear WAY longer than they are. Black flats, the worst. Just saying. }

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  1. LOVE these. i think that they are going to be perfect for spring and summer.
    OH! what is the Nordstrom like in Santa Monica? Compare it to another Nordstrom you have been to. Also, when the cobbler takes in your shoes, do you feel like it looks the same? Or can you tell that it has been altered?