Monday, March 28, 2011


So, you know how I said that I had created a Mister Monster?  I wasn't kidding!  Here is why { and how } it all happened.

Lululemon has become my uniform.  Whether or not it is appropriate on a daily { get coffee, run errands, client meeting, grab dinner } basis is up for debate....well no it's not.  But like my father has always told me, "Don't ask questions for answers you don't want to hear," I have canceled the debate.

So, seeing as that I am on a daily Lulu prescription I got a lot of gripe from my Mister about how expensive my "work out" cloths are.  I use the term "work out" loosely seeing as how I have only set foot in a gym three times since we moved to NYC.  But being the resourceful Misses that I am, I have worked out a plan that actually works in my Lulu habit favor.

My Mister and I always give each other little non-Valentine's Valentine's Day treats { never on the day of and our tradition: dinner the night before pizza delivery the night of }.  Knowing that the flame was already lit by his friends who have been macho enough to wear raving about their pants for ages, this year I gave him pants and a jacket from Lulu. I could see the twinkle in his eye before he even finished zipping up his new jacket, and that was it.  He had to get his pants hemmed and upon that Lulu visit he left with another pair of pants and another jacket.  Of course those pants needed to be hemmed and he left with a pair of shorts upon that visit.  It's a viscous cycle and now I just tag along with him on his hemming "appointments" and feeling too guilty to only buy for himself I throw in my picks without a word of resistance.  I. Am. A. Genius!

Available at Lululemon
I know this was an novel of a post but I just have one more thing to get off my chest.  Do any of you have trouble finding your size in stores....and when you check online to try and track it down there you can't even find the item?! As much as I love me some Lulu it almost makes me not even want to go in, in fear I will get my heart set on something only to have it broken when my size is no where to be found.  I said almost.

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