Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Galactic Rainbow Smudge Print Dress . ASOS

So, I follow this blog:

And though a lot of the aesthetic is different than my own I do stumble upon some real gems.  Like this one for example!  Plus, I love how they decode what celebrities are wearing.  Brilliant and so helpful!

Now, I am always looking for disposable outfits for the spontaneous Vegas trips with my girlfriends { when are you too old for those by the way? }.  Speaking of,'s been way too long.  You know, the outfits that you buy for less than $20 at Forever 21 because you need something slutty and something you can dance in worry free through spilled cocktails.  Well this is perfect!  Though on the pricier side for a club outfit { though I still think less than $100 is a pretty good deal } I think I would actually keep this one instead of leaving it a pile on the floor upon check out.  It's super cute and actually more my style { the disposable outfits tend to be nothing I would ever pick out under normal circumstances so I tend to not feel my absolute cutest in them, if you must know.  And that puts a damper on the whole event before it even gets started. }.  I love it with the nude belt especially! And if I was feeling particularly daring, I could even wear it with my red Pour La Victoire pumps I just got!  Ooo! I think I just made an outfit and spoiled Friday's profession!

Just say the word ladies and I will meet you there in this!

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Available at ASOS

Whoa! Don't be blinded by the sudden shock of color on this blog.  I do like it every now and again though it may not seem that way as you scroll through my posts.  Let me just say that black, white and { most importantly } gray { though I like to spell it grey } are most definitely colors, I don't care what anyone else says.

And P.S....I met my Mister on the dance floor in one of these very disposable outfits.  Though for some reason I kept that one.  Must have been my killer instincts.  And now, it is a great memento never to be worn again.

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