Friday, April 1, 2011

This Is What I Wore :: 3.27.11

I am feeling a bit under the posting weather. So, I will leave you with this until I am back up and running:

 This is what I wore when I spent the weekend with one of my most effortlessly cool friends and upon my pre-outfit panic, she just threw together this ensemble for me.  Crisis averted.  We had a great afternoon wandering around downtown together and I felt oh so cute, and to my surprise it was literally effortless.  Now why couldn't I have thought of this?! I guess I should have her come over everyday!


  1. Is the posting weather still cloudy? Get back in the sunshine!

  2. You need some new posts! (or rather I do). also, could you please post the info or link on the shirt and boots in that pic? Especially the shirt for now!
    many thanks! xx

  3. shirt :: j crew
    boots :: tory burch