Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zig Zag Bikini . Charlie by Matthew Zink

I really may not be able to control myself with this one, which is not a good sign, because this is my first attempt fail at posting rather than purchasing.

It is just unfortunate really. My Mister doesn't like what he referred to as the "two-toned titties". I on the other hand love them. Plus, my Mister is very wrong { on all accounts for that matter }, it's a three-toned torso.

Available at Barneys New York


  1. yay for bathing suits! i need a new one! so excited.

  2. that bathing suit sucks. you shouldn't buy it. it's terrible. so are the other two things you posted.

  3. wiggs= much more helpful than i am.
    me= honesty.